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How to Avoid Quacks and Snake Oil Treatments

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Quazar thankyou. I am a person who has been disabled all my life going in and out of hospitals which some proceedures were failures or not necessary. When I became an adult I started being more causious of what my doctors wanted to do and why. I based my responses on gut feelings about my doctor and whether the procedure was necessary or not. In my relationships with people of many different professions I came across a chiropractor who treated me for mostly aches and pains. But he introduced me to suppliments instead of just prescriptions . For many years I suffered with vertigo. It got so bad and frequent that I went to a neurologist. He recommended surgery. (not surprised) I refused. He prescribed antivert. It stopped the vertigo but did not stop it. I researched vertigo in vitamin suppliments and found some vitamins that were stopping vertigo. They did not work. Than I found a vitamin for ringing in the ears. Something that I have before the dizziness. I tried this supplement and it works. As for my doctor I told him about it which he was not aware of but let me take this with his check ups to make sure this was not hurting any of my orgins. So like you say others should be aware and mindful of who and what they are taking.

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I also have Tinnitus. I got the ringing ears right when I started the blood pressure medication; Metoprolol I ordered a supplement called Synapse XT which I started taking, but after taking maybe for a week, I quit taking, because I came down with another health issue. It says to take two a day. I've been thinking about starting back on them. You mention taking a supplement for your ringing ears. What are you taking or did take, and how long did you take it before noticing it got better. Thank you in advance for any advice you may have.