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What Distracts You From the Pain?

Chronic Pain | Last Active: Jun 22, 2020 | Replies (192)

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My paint brushes. I now work smaller as sitting at an easel is no longer feasible. this is what I have been working on recently. Have wondered if any other members use creative adventures for distraction. This is a watercolor/colored pencil piece…Can call this one moving…humor also helps me. The reference material I used was a photo taken by Karen Brommelsick.
I cannot get this picture to rotate-sorry. I tried. Even I can confuse technology. Was vertical. Must be the size. Don’t know how to remove thus either. It was vertical. It is not mooooving!

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That is really good. I love seeing your watercolor/pencil drawing. Thank you for sharing.

@parus That cow is terrific! Thank you for sharing this with us.

That is a beautiful cow you painted. I enjoyed seeing it closeup to see your technique. Your work is excellent! Im trying to get back into my artwork, but right now we're getting ready to move again, so no place to setup my supplies. Your work inspires me to keep working on finding a good spot in our new home in which to have a small studio setup. I can see how this distracts you from pain. I'm not doing enough right now to distract myself from the small amount of pain I have periodically. Thanks for sharing your beautiful artwork.

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