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What Distracts You From the Pain?

Chronic Pain | Last Active: Jun 22, 2020 | Replies (192)

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Enjoyable distractions. You all have great ideas. I would also add at home Yoga as a practice not a work out. I have a Yoga, Mindfulness and Meditation professional who put together a 20 minute program for me. The mind and the body together is best. And I make it a morning ritual. Then I use several types of Medical Marijuana to stay under the pain that escalates during the day. I suffer from Chronic Myofasial Pain and Tiny fiber neuropathy with shooting electric shock pain and “needles” in arms and legs. Has anyone heard of benefits from bariatric chambers? My pain is at its worst when the barometer goes south and there is a low pressure weather system. I wish you all freedom from suffering and the causes of suffering.

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Hi. Just to thank you all for your ideas. I prefer to isolate myself and take drugs. Doesn’t seem like the best path after all. Maybe some of these will help.

TV, music, meditation (have app on my phone), my family and friends (the best), ice or heat, massage, therapist, acupuncture, many things can work. Bio feedback and Mindfulness classes

Makes sense since body and mind are connected. Barometric works a number on me. Pressure is dropping now and I can tell. Doppler eat your radar out! 🙂

When I lived in Pa. when barometer dropped so did I plus the dew point ,now in Calif thought it would make a difference ,didn’t

Glad I found your post. This is me. Just diagnosed with Parsonage Turner Syndrome after a 5 level posterior cervical spine fusion. Trying to get my bearings.

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