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Jen, Alumna Mentor (@sandytoes14)

What Distracts You From the Pain?

Chronic Pain | Last Active: Jun 22, 2020 | Replies (192)

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hi and good morning. I just joined recently, but I have several things I do: sometimes i do all/most in 1 day; other times just 1 or 2 or a few. I enjoy adult coloring books, because it’s very calming, lessens my anxiety and allows me to do more focusing on it than my constant pain. I also like to do crafts and kits, like simple painting (I stink at it, but it’s fun! lol!), tile painting, making magnets, positive feedback decorated notes to put in places around the house where I can see them often; making soap, and more. I can’t sit long or stand long, but I will use a kitchen counter and stand sometimes, or use pillows on the couch, whatever makes me the most comfortable at that moment. Since I joined this awesome group, I have a little more hope that I might have a little less pain, make good friends, and know I’m not alone. Thank you all for being YOU!

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You go! Have to be distracted and upbeat!

Thank you. Not always easy, but not impossible either! lol! For me, laughter is oxygen to my soul. I hope & pray you find relief of any kind soon, Edie.

I love all that you do–I like doing different things too. I like this group of people because we can all empathize but life each other up. Some ‘support’ groups I have been well, downers! Thanks for sharing!

Thank you, @sandytoes14!  You are so right.  My one worry when I joined was that it might just bring me down, but it definitely hasn’t! I feel very comfortable saying what I need to and empathizing with others.take care,Clownscrytoo

One thing I remember when first getting fibro the support group mentor told us was to do isometric exercises for muscles first then light exercising.

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