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What Distracts You From the Pain?

Chronic Pain | Last Active: Jun 22, 2020 | Replies (192)

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I have friends who help me, take me to doctors, buy groceries, etc., but I do feel they question my pain or it’s intensity and that hurts. To try to help take my mind off the pain, I play games on the computer, watch my favorite tv shows, and walk around on my walker as much as I can. and mostly pray and read the Psalms.

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People are visual. If you look a certain way, then they can associate with us. Have to show pain, let them help you. No need to be brave all the time?

One thing is for certain I will not go around looking pathetic. Not at all sure how one shows pain. Cry, whine, be a pathetic? Sorry, I do not understand what you mean by showing pain and looking a certain way. I know a lot of people who whine and cry about their pain. No one wants to be around them.

Good Morning! I the new girl on the block! I agree with you. It doesn't help to Whine! You have to learn how to live with it! I enjoy the company of my friends and will do my best to try to be with them! I have Chiari and severe nerve/artery damage and now my heart! I'm young!! Luckily, I have great friends who bring me aids to help me feel better. I don't whine, when asked, I reply "feeling fine." Until they see and I and I'm busted! Unfortunately, my own family doesn't understand and never will. Support for me doesn't exist there! I'm glad I've joined you guys! It helps to talk to someone who understands!! thanks!

@oh_suzie_q Good you have supportive friends. Helps to keep you going.

yes, they do! thank you, Parus

One thing I do to relax from pain is play music ,soft music for me or meditation dvd,s as well as paint whatever takes my mind of us good But music is good therap

Good things to do and be as positive as you can mind over matter