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sweet taste and other taste disorders

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I do not have a problem with a sweet taste but I do have a problem with carbonation. I find I can no longer drink a carbonated drink daily. Oft times it will cause a burning sensation in my mouth that actually is painful. Also, carbonation seems to cause bladder and kidney problems as well now. For me, I have simply quit drinking carbonated drinks. Does anyone out there know of anything that will cause healing to the esophagus and stomach when they are irritated?

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Hi @2122, I would suggest an appointment with a GI specialist. They are the more likely group of specialists to help you with esophagus and stomach irritations. Have you seen a GI specialist yet? Have you had a Gastro-endoscopy done (it is a procedure where they sedate you and put a tube with a camera down through the esophagus and look around for inflammation, etc.)? After they take a look and decide what the problem is there are lots of meds available (both prescription and over-the counter) that could be helpful for you. Keep us posted on how you are doing. Looking forward to hearing from you again.

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