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We just found out my husband has glioblastoma. Any and all info is welcome from others.

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Hi @njtomato and welcome to Connect. You'll notice that I moved your message to an existing discussion about glioblastoma where you can meet other Connect members talking about their experiences, like @cure @sandydominy1 @cbrice @user_che69bc66 and others. I encourage you to read through the past messages and ask questions.

Here is another discussion from @tealover102 that may interest you:
- GBM patient caregiver https://connect.mayoclinic.org/discussion/gbm-patient-caregiver/

While we wait for others to join the conversation, can you tell us a bit more about your situation? What treatment options have been suggested for your husband?

Hello, this is Jo. I am sorry about your husband. It helps to actively be involved in the treatment process. My husband also has a GBM 4. I am happy to answer anything about our journey. Every case is different. His beast was 78% resected by Dr. Q., followed by 6 week of inpatient rehab at Brooks in Jacksonville, Fl. He then did 30 rounds of radiation while doing outpatient OT and PT. He was in a wheelchair for about 2 months due to weakness on the left side. He could not move his left arm for 2 months and is still therapy for that. He now does chemo and is monitored monthly with MRIs. Tell me more about your situation? You can call me Jo.

I have been diagnosed with it and have had surgery. Started radiation and chemo pill this past weekend. Doing well.