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Glioblastoma stage 4: Does anyone else have the same diagnoses?

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Hi Marty,
I moved your message to this discussion where members are talking about glioblastoma stage 4, including @cure @sandydominy1 @cbrice @user_che69bc66 @dfelix @IndianaScott @barbkaser @js119 @ljsandlin and @dawn_giacabazi.

Marty, how is your wife doing? How are you doing?

Hello @martyc2016 My wife did. Willing to answer any questions you might have.

Unfortunately I do. I've done the entire round of chemo and radiation. Now, from home I do one week of chemo every month but triple the dose. No side effects yet. Next week I will have the "Optune " device put one on my bald head. I'm hopeful but my short term memory is junk. I'm guessing it always will be from here on out. So, for now I'm doing ok except for "where is my wallet" and stuff like that. I'll be back at mayo in a couple of weeks but so far so good. I guess I'll have to become a nerd constantly caring a note pad. My friend at work suggested notes on her iPhone but I haven't figured that out far. Weirdly enough I'm (was) an MRI tech. CT showed a normal brain but MRI a very different story.