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Thanks for reanimating this discussion Belinda.
For anyone interested, here is more information about the GBM clinical trial at Duke: “Targeting Cancer with Genetically Engineered Poliovirus (PVS-RIPO)” https://www.cancer.duke.edu/btc/modules/Research3/index.php?id=41

You’ll notice that this is a phase 1 clinical trial. They are planning phases 2 and 3. You can learn more about the types of trials and their phases here: http://www.mayo.edu/research/clinical-trials/about-clinical-studies

@cure what is the clinical trial you will be starting?

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It seems like the clinical trials are for people who have already tried radiation and chemo. Does anyone know of a trial for someone who would rather pursue something instead of radiation and chemo? Thank you!

cbrice, I don’t know the “current” answer, but my friend who has GBM (diagnosed 3+ years ago, and still living) refused radiation (against her ONC’s orders), and instead had surgery including implantation of a Gliadil wafer installed at the tumor site; with chemotherapy ongoing, intermittent. She is still alive at 3.5 years, and doing well despite that they could not remove the entire tumor. Her husband and she chose these options after consulting with Oncologists At Duke University to assist in making choices (she lives on East Coast); his choices were based on the GBM cells particular to her tumor subtype and her tumor location/resection . I would suggest you consult with a GBM specialist (please see Belinda’s comment above with a list, and comments but “cure” and others) at Mayo or another top GMB center, if possible. They can discuss your subtype, location, and appropriate protocols & trials options. In my friends case, accepting the Wafer and surgery did preclude her from some clinical trials, but she is still visiting Duke for scans every few months to stay close to clinical trials if needed in the future. She read a book about anti-cancer foods, and eats an organic diet primary based on vegetables (fresh, and cooked in stir fries), oatmeal, ginger, turmeric, lentils, anchovies, olive oil, organic bran muffins fresh cranberries. Gluten-free, and no preservatives, colorants, etc. She has worked with Polestar Pilates therapists to regain as much of her limb function as possible. She also avoids watching News or reading News in the news paper. Walking the hall daily and meditation are two of her other routines. I hope you will find appropriate help and guidance, and wish you (or your relative/friend) the best.

I appreciate your time!