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multiple meningioma brain tumors

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Hi, I have a Meningiomas tumor on right back side of my head near brain stem that is dumbell shape toward neck it has most of life threatening nerves in it. Have lost hearing on right side. Drs in Switzerland told me surgery too dangerous due location and nerves, radiation not good either they thought more good tissue would be damaged. Suggested a embolization of the brain tumor to stop blood feeding it. Had this procedure done and tumor shrunk by 30% and has stayed stable for last 3 years. Now I watch and wait. Every year I need a MRI with dye to control its growth and development. I now live in Ft. Lauderdale and need to find a DR that can continue my care including being capable and with a lot of experience wtih brain embolizations as a treatment and not pre operative. I am also open to anything new but do not want surgery. Can anyone help me to find the most qualified and experienced Dr in the USA. I need to find a DR in USA since I live her permanently now. Thank you for any help and suggestions.

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Hi Linda, welcome to Connect and to the USA. You are wise to seek the best of the best for your care. Of course, I'm going to recommend Mayo Clinic. Mayo has 3 campuses: Jacksonville, Florida; Rochester, Minnesota and Phoenix, Arizona. On this webpage, http://mayocl.in/1mtmR63 you'll find the contact information for each of the locations. They will discuss your medical history with you and match you to a specialist suited to your situation. They can help you navigate your healthcare journey, answer your questions and guide you through the treatment plan. I should also mention that the Mayo Brain Tumor Clinic offers appointments within 48 hours. If you need to be seen quickly, be sure to mention the Brain Tumor 48-access program.

Here you can read more about brain tumors and the Mayo Clinic experience through videos and patient stories http://mayocl.in/2gsOqel

I hope other members will also share their recommendations where they have received excellent care.

Linda, We look forward to getting to know more about you here in the Connect community. Do you find "watching and waiting" difficult? When was your last MRI?