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multiple meningioma brain tumors

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OK, you have me beat-ha! Mine are both left frontal lobe....sometimes I swear the area above my eyebrow under my skull hurts ( which is where they are) but then I think I MUST be imagining the cause/effect. I had a bad horse accident 32 years ago before MRI was available where I lived in Colorado, so had LOTS of head xrays...maybe one of the causes compounded with being a farmer in the days before we realized weed spray was POISON. My dad was a Doc in Iowa and had me go to Mayo from Colorado when the first tumor was found and Dr. O'Neil in Neurology there has been fantastic over the years by having me switch to totally organic food, no hormones for menopause and no soy in food products or any of the other things that act like estrogen including weed chemicals.to not "feed the tumors". He has had me watch and wait for I guess going on 12 years for the first one and it hasn't grown much. I DID end up at Mayo for highly malignant triple negative breast cancer about 4 years ago, and had a lumpectomy there and then continued with Chemo and radiation at home in Colorado. The new brain tumor showed up a year after my treatment for that ended....so back to scans more frequently to see how it acts. Funny that the neurological symptoms that correspond to growth in my brain tumors are similar to the ones I already experience due to my broken neck/bad fusions ( did NOT have that done at Mayo...darn, I let an idiot in CO do it) and I have constant headaches and neck pain from the pressure on my spinal cord at C3 level compressing the cord and right hand / arm weakness . I have been very grateful to my Mayo team for their conservative approaches. Funny that you say you have adapted your sleep position...I have had to also, and it is a tough change since we all have our favorite old ways, but then the pain makes us change! One thing I have found is that it is VERY beneficial to share with others that have serious health challenges, great to share info on what HAS worked with others 🙂 You sound like YOU have a great sense of humor to help you through all the challenges too!!!! Let us know how your scan goes, and my hopes are with you that you don't need to do more surgery yet!!

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Hi , how exciting, this is the first cause I have heard of affecting the growth of meningioma tumors. Harvard University, Neurosurgeon, Elizabeth Klass mentioned this in her study. I spoke with Dr. Klass regarding this. What other foods were you told not to eat? Thank you,Ellen