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Excessive sweating

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Hi- I am new to the Connect community…..I realize this is an old post, but I have to say that I was pretty excited to read it! I too, have been having terrible sweating episodes. Some during the day, some at night. I am usually freezing all the time, so this is new and strange for me. I will have a sweater on because I am cold, then I will be trying to shed the layers as quickly as possible because I am suddenly sweating. I didn’t know if it was due to my blood pressure, not being able to control my body temp, or some other weird reason! It only started recently, which seemed to coincide with declining function, which put me in the transplant category.

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Welcome to Connect jb.
@contentandwell talks about night (and occasional day) sweats post-transplant due to immunosuppressant medication http://mayocl.in/2oifVxN

Are you waiting for a transplant or post transplant?

I am waiting for a transplant.

@jbalbinot, Hi JB, I am happy to welcome you to Mayo Connect. I am a liver/kidney transplant recipient. I suffered acute kidney failure that was related to my liver failure. I did not have any chill/sweating: with my liver failure I was always cold. Even during my time on dialysis I remember always being cold.
You said that this (chill/sweating) has happened quickly and coincided with your declining kidney function. I am just guessing that it is somehow related to that decline. In my experience living with a declining organ has a kind of ‘domino effect’ on all other body functions. Be sure to mention it to your doctor. If there is an underlying reason he needs to know. He may or may not be able to do something about the discomfort, though.
I also would suggest that you monitor your temperature regularly to rule out a fever.
I am pleased that you and JK have met.

@jbalbinot, JB, I think you participated in the Transplant 101 webinar earlier today. Am I correct? I learned so much from a post transplant viewpoint. I do hope that you found information that you can use.
Where are you in the transplant process? Are you listed? Or are you just beginning the journey?
I also invite you to look at some of other transplant discussions. And feel free to post your questions. As you can see even old discussion can be active at anytime.

@rosemarya @balbinot, I had such bad chills pre-transplant but I am still usually cooler than I should be. Rosemary, isn’t it amazing how much the liver effects everything? Even handwriting often declines, which mine did, and although I never had “flapping” my hands were shaky. I had been told it was essential tremor many years ago but it’s much better now so it had to be from my liver.
Also, there is much evidence that cirrhosis can contribute to hearing loss. I have been wearing hearing aids since around 2004. In the last six months of so prior to transplant my hearing got progressively worse. Now, six months post transplant it appears to be improving a bit. Interestingly, from what my hepatologist said, the liver problems started @ 10 years before seeing her which would have put them at @ 2004 – 2005, around the same time I started wearing hearing aids, and my low platelet count started then too. I ended up getting new hearing aids recently, which has helped but when they had to be sent back for a new receiver and I wore my old hearing aids I definitely felt my loss was not as bad as it had been. My new aids are sort of cool though, very high-tech and the phone goes right into my aids and I can route the music on my phone into them too. When I am in the pool at my club and my phone is in the locker room, I can hear it ringing.
It is difficult to find information about this but one source said that Beethoven’s hearing loss was probably due to his liver; he also had liver problems or cirrhosis.

@jbalbinot Hi, these night (and day too) sweats really are miserable. I’m with you, peeling clothes off and then 10 minutes later putting them back on. Along with the immunosuppresants I am on, the transplant surgeon suggested I have my thyroid checked. I am on a very mild dose of levothyroxine and perhaps I don’t need that anymore. My transplant team is very conservative and the sweats are more than likely from the medications but they want to rule out any other possible causes. I really appreciate their conservatism.