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Ketamine treatments

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I was treated with a week of ketamine infusions for a trial of possible treatment of Complex Regional Pain Disorder (“CRPS”), unfortunately however, it did not work for me. I have not heard of it being used in treatment of depression where I live. I have struggled with depression (very severe at times…2 attempts) most of my life and have been for the majority of the time since I was diagnosed with CRPS. It’s interesting that the last and only current remaining treatment that I tried to get approved for, I was actually denied because of my depression. Even though I told the doctors that my current depression was definitely a result of my CRPS and that being cured of it would pull me out of it they disagreed and that closed the door not only on the possibility of being cured of CRPS but also of my current depressive state that has just been aggravated more as a result of my husband’s recent death.
This is actually the first time since his death that I have logged back into MCC. If it weren’t for my dogs and my uncertainty as to what would happen to them upon my death, I would more than likely be in the urn with my husband. Not only do I not feel like I have any quality of life, I feel like I am just existing.
Every day just dealing with the severe pain and deterioration of my body. one day not much different than the next! I often wonder why we seem to have more compassion for our pets than other human beings. Meaning, that if my dog has severe pain that we are unable to control & make her comfortable we usually put them out of there misery. However, we will not do the same for humans. We make them persevere regardless of their level of pain. It has only gotten worse with this whole epidemic of drug addicts. Due to the situation, most doctors are very skeptical to prescribe even to the folks who legitimately
need them. This means subsequently drives some legitimate patients to obtain their drugs through other illegal means. This means that the medical community has to take some of the responsibility for the current situation.
They asked me during the last inquisition (when seeking the only remaining available treatment for my CRPS) what would happen if they just took away all of my pain meds. I responded by telling them that if the pain & the symptoms that I experienced got as bad as I had expected they had by that time, I would more than likely commit suicide. Once again they asked why. I could only shake my head and say that they obviously had never experienced the kind of pain that CRPS inflicts on you.

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Golly, I can’t really give you any advice with this, but I am so sorry you’ve had so much to deal with. I guess the first thing that I would consider is to get to one of the top ranked teaching hospitals in the country … i.e. Mayo Clinic, Johns Hopkins, Washington Hospital Center, and I’m sure there are others that you know about. If I were at the place where you are, I do whatever it took to get a good answer and treatment plan. I’m so sorry, and I’ll be praying for you.

Thanks @amberprep, however there is really no further “treatment plans” available for my condition. I have exhausted all avenues in the 8 years of having CRPS, other than the one remaining SCS surgery that they have denied me. I should also mention that I live in Canada, so you cannot just go to another hospital to seek treatment. That is one of the downsides of having a one tiered, public health care system. I tried to change a Gynos once when I was not happy with him (I had seen him twice, previous to being admitted to hospital), & not only would they not let me change Gynos, they could not even get another Gyno to offer a second opinion as he “did not want to step on any toes”. Really makes you feel confident in our medical system, which has gotten much worse than it has ever been in our province.