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cahnny (@cahnny)

Pain And Changes In Weather...Am I Alone????

Chronic Pain | Last Active: Dec 2, 2021 | Replies (61)

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Hi @cahnny, great question. You’re not alone! Many people talk about the changes in their body aches and pains when the weather changes. I’d like to introduce you to @billh @omega and @salena54 who may be able to provide their experiences with this. @cahnny, have you found any remedies that help to relieve the pain?

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Alyse: I’m just finding my way around this site so all is new to me. I’m not sure how these @… work. I clicked on each of the @names above but didn’t read anything about pain due to weather changes except one person who mentioned something about cold weather in passing. Am I looking for comments these people made about pain due to weather changes or conversations they started?

Hi @cahnny, when we mention a person with @name, then they receive an email notice that they’ve been mentioned in a post. We use this to bring members into a conversation who we think may have something to contribute. Alyse tagged Bill, Omega and Salena for this very reason. Sometimes we can make a more exact match, sometimes the match isn’t exact, but we know they have spoken about a related topic. Luckily members will jump into the conversation without being tagged, like @concernedmtnmom @predictable @slavinray did in this case. For that we are very grateful.

I provided more tips and tricks about navigating Connect to the discussion you started here: https://connect.mayoclinic.org/discussion/this-is-a-confusing-place

Coincidentally, @johnwburns posted a topic today about seasonal weather changes. In this case he was referring to the incidence of severe bradyarrhythmias. https://connect.mayoclinic.org/discussion/seasonal-weather-changes-and-incidence-of-severe-bradyarrhythmias/ but I’d be interested in his thoughts on pain and weather changes.

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