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Welcome Sally!
I'm sure you've read the messages in this discussion from @travelgirl @bush and @nannytart, and they will welcome you. I'd also like to bring a few more people into this discussion to meet you. Please meet @starrlight @joannem @jww1 @azlinda @retairforceman @ilene1 @user_cha5e73f6 @brucey1 and @soul.

@starrlight also just recently joined. She is weighing her surgical options for cecum surgery. Perhaps you have thoughts to share with her in the discussion called:
- Help to reconstruct my life and body due to 2 types of cancer http://mayocl.in/2kG6imV

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Glad to have you with us Sally.

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@sallyg welcome to mayo connect. Wow your inspiring . Thank you for sharing.

I had a stage 1 cecum cancer diagnosed at the age of 53, on 12/19/15.
I had 1 foot of colon and 20 lymph nodes removed on 1/10/16 . Plus i was also diagnosed with follicular lymphoma on 1/4/16. Which they found when doing the ct scan on me, before surgery for cecum cancer.

I am now on a watch and wait treatment plan. My cecum cancer was found when i caught H-pylori somewhere in my world travels.
I was told by my surgeon, of all the types of colon cancer, cecum cancer accounts for less than 15% percent..

I have my next 3 month check up Tuesday. Ct scans and blood work.

And yes when you been diagnosed with cancer your world turns upside down. Sighing. I been on the edge all week since i recieved a reminder call of my up coming appointment..

Question for you? Did you have your appendix removed in the 10 to 12 years prior to the cecum cancer diagnosis?

No my appendix was intact at the time of the surgery for colon cancer located in the cecum next to the appendix. However my surgeon was very aggressive and told me post op that he took everything he saw including my appendix
However I think that my surgeon's actions may be the reason why I am still here today