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@nannytart welcome ...

I also had a foot of my colon removed in January due to having stage 1 cecum cancer. I wonder if some of that is scare tissue? I noticed my right ride is tad bigger than my left side. I was always super thin. But since my surgergy I gained about 10 pounds. My stomach is no longer flat .. I think some of that has to do with my body adjusting to the new and improved plumbing systems. It has been 8 months since my surgery, for four of those months I couldn't do a thing. So I gained weight.

Then I started very slowly to exercise again. And I feel a great deal of pulling on my right side. My surgeon says that is scar tissue. Plus I been babying my stomach. Which doesn't help it at all. I noticed I seem to retain extra water too. Exercising seems to help. I started swimming and doing exercises in a pool. That seems to help a great deal. Not sure if you have access to a pool? But try exercising in a pool. It has helped a lot to getting over babying of that area.

Hope this helps? Wish you the best..

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I had a tumor removed from the colon in July 2018, I now have the beer belly and the bulge on the right side of my mid-section Can you please tell me what exercises to do? I need help with this.

I also had colon surgery to remove a tumor and here 8 months later I find that I have that beer belly going on and a right sided bump. Have you done anything other than swimming, I would love to hear about it because I need to get rid of this. Im happy to hear you are doing so well.

Trying to find someone who is dealing with chemo