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Non Small Cell Carcinoma Adenoma

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So very sorry to hear of your troubles.
While its wise of you to ask a community of other patients what their opinion of your treatment might be, if you are deeply questioning whether you are on the right track perhaps you should consider getting a second opinion from another specialist or clinic. Apparently the benefits of a second opinion might be in question but there also seems to be a chance that they can help in some cases. Here are Mayo's guidelines for getting one should you decide to:


Since the Mayo site recommends an NCI Treatment center for second opinions, here is the tool to find one:


Advice and support from other patients and support groups like Connect is always useful, but take advantage of every tool at your disposal. So, here is the NCI Patient Version of treatments for your cancer. Stay optimistic. Its going to be alright.


Hope this helps.

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I went for a second opinion and I felt the Dr. hesitated on the decision to wait 3 mos. I was left with that feeling. It leaves doubt in my mind. Just not sure and feel uncomfortable now about the decision. So I'm going to write her and ask if this is the best way. thank you for your reply.