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Swollen legs and feet

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Thank you for your email. I went to a naturopath and she said my swollen ankles were coming from my kidneys and glands. I had been in hospital for 2 months and was sent home end of March. I had been tested for my liver and kidneys and the tests came back OK. But I knew something was not OK because I had smelly urine. I did not have any other symptoms, but after being tested in July, they discovered I had a bladder infection all of that time. After a month the infection came back. Now the Naturopath has given me natural medicine to try and improve my kidneys and I am going to a osteopath to try and help my glands. I have a Bakers cyst behind my knee and this was is preventing some of the flow down to my ankles. I can actually feel the lumps (swollen glands) at the back and above my ankles when the swelling bad. So much for having your kidneys tested through the usual way. My ankles are still not 100% but they are improving.

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I forgot to add, I also have nerve damage in the calf of one leg. Many years ago when I had traction for my back, the doctor was not a proper physio, (but apparently thought he was), and it left me with nerve damage leading from my ankle to the calf. I have had my back operated on now, (after 40 years) and the Back specialist says that the nerve will eventually right itself, after the pressure has been taken off. It has improved slightly (6 months after the operation)

I wish u all the best!