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Swollen legs and feet

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Hello @amkaloha. I’m sorry to hear you are having problems with the pain associated with your PMR. I have had 2 episodes of PMR. I was in remission up until about a month ago. Both times prednisone (20 mg) was prescribed – first by a rheumatologist and this past flare up a month ago it was prescribed by my Mayo family doctor. Did a rheumatologist diagnose the PMR? The first time I was diagnosed in 2007, I was in extreme pain and my right leg was swollen badly. The joint in my right knee had fluid build up and they drained it and gave me a steroid shot in the knee of some kind that helped. If you haven’t seen a rheumatologist recently it might be beneficial to setup an appointment to see if there may be something else going on.

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Thanks for your reply. My diagnosis was strange. I had been suffering with a lot of pain in my arms, shoulders and across my back but thought it was due to rotator cuff damage. It got worse and when I was at my primary care doctor’s I told her about it. It was like a light went on and she said “you have poylmyalgia rheumatica.” But there was a problem. The treatment is with prednisone, but I tend to have a high fasting sugar level (120-130). She didn’t want to give me prednisone because it has a tendency to raise the sugar level. She then did some investigating and found that there were some helped with methotrexate. I then tried that but it made me sick. In the meantime I had a terrible rash on my leg and went to Urgent Care. They gave me methylprednisolone, and, when I took it I found it did not raise my sugar much. So I told my doctor and she then gave me the 4mg of methylp once a day. It sure helps with that pain and I did try to come off of it recently and after a week I had to go back on it. My legs and feet are swelling pretty badly now and some have suggested that it is the prednisone. It’s one of those, damned if you do, damned if you don’t situations. The swollen legs only complicate my leg pain due to arthritis. I’ve been told that I have bone on bone in both knees. A few years ago I went to the orthopeadic doctor and he said I had to lose about 50 lbs and come back. That never happened and here I am with legs that don’t work!!! I just feel like one of those hamsters who keep running around in circles and never get anywhere. Thanks for listening and I’d really appreciate it if you had any suggestions. Thanks. Andrea

Hello Andrea. Thank you for the additional information. If possible I would try to setup an appointment with a rheumatologist as they generally have more knowledge/experience with arthritis related conditions. Prednisone was the magic pill for me and the only side effect I had was weight gain…which I’ve always struggled with.

I am so sorry you are having the pain and swelling. It really sounds like when my polymyalgia rheumatica was diagnosed at first in 2007. I also had higher than normal glucose labs. Mine are still fairly high although I do not have diabetes. My GP family doctor told me she thought my peripheral neuropathy was caused by pre-diabetes condition but I really don’t think so. My glucose numbers have been from 104 to 120 for almost 20 years. Last Feb it was at 115. Please keep us updated if you can.

My legs and feet swell so bad I have to use a wheelchair to get around as the pain is excruciating. The Dr., told me the swelling is due to Diabetes and Rheumatoid Arthritis. I wear compression boots ( they can be bought over the counter at any drugstore) and these help some with the swelling. When first diagnosed 25+ years ago they gave me a lot of Prednisone and it did help. I had a flare up of Gout and the Dr., gave me Prednisone and I became allergic to it and ended in the hospital for 3 days. He said at anytime our bodies can reject any drug although we’ve taken it in the past!
If you or anyone finds out anymore about why their feet are swelling please contact me!
Thanks to all!