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Hi, @irret! Welcome to Mayo Connect! I'm one of the helpers for those like yourself who come aboard in search of information from others with medical issues. We'll get some members together for a discussion about your plight. It's easy to see why you're concerned, but you'll probably find some of us who discovered that our apprehensions were exaggerated. That's not to say you're on the verge of a cure, just that most people find that they soon benefit from good medical diagnoses and care, diligence in pressing politely for answers from their medical team, and second opinions when those answers aren't satisfying. Our members can help fill in some of the blanks you encounter.

You deserve praise for accepting your doctor's recommendation for a heart monitor. It can answer a lot of questions about your heart's performance. Other tests may be prescribed, as well, based on the initial results. Fortunately, so many heart problems are effectively treated by cardiologists. Are you scheduled for a cardiology exam? Do you consider that your current doctor has a lot of experience in cardiac cases? Has a nephrologist (kidney doctor) been suggested to you for diagnosing the cause of high blood pressure? Were you told the results of your EKG and ultrasound tests and how they indicated a need for the heart monitor? Do you have access to a major medical facility where a variety of specialists are co-located?

If you can share a bit more about yourself, our members can align with your issues and give you information and encouragement. Please keep in touch!

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Went to doc bad cholesterols in 240's good cholesterol low in 30's vitamin d low doc said the heart was good and that was all. this time my b/p and heart rate was better. But I have been sitting at home I live in a small travel trailer. Doc. never said what to do about any thing else. Forgot to mention before, that I go blind a few time a day everything goes black I see white spots and then my vision comes back. I think this last about 30 seconds or so. Now he has me going to see an eye doctor. That makes sense, and to get a test done where they put electrodes on my head to see if I am having seizures. I am 6'6" and weigh 224 I am a wielder and work in the heat, very humid heat. I sweat unusually to much leaving a puddle at my feet, this is not exaggerated. I do take breakes but that's just how it is. So I need to get some vit d . Maybe fish oil to help with cholesterol? Cardiologist was never mentioned or a urologist at least not yet I see this doc again in one month.