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Does your skin itch. My arms and legs really itch. I apply lotion twice a day and take benedryl. Guess it helps. It puts me to sleep.

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Yes, my skin and scalp itch a lot. I use a mild shampoo and mild soap. Have tried various lotions. Right now using Walgreens Dry Skin Cream. Have just begun on Orencia. Needs a three month loading dose.

I have found that tree tea oil shampoo plus rinsing with witch hazel does help my head. My arms and legs keep itching.

Thanks! I’ll give it a try, my shampoo (Stieprox) isnt as effective lately.
Have a great day!

Something else to add 2 my list, thanks.
I have Remicade since 2008 for AS. So far its effective.

I was dx'd with an autoimmune disease after my 3rd child was born. The weird thing was I had painful joints when I was pregnant with my first child. I was going to my Chiropractor and he felt I might have had Chronic Fatigue. Went to a Rhuematologist and was diagnosed with Sjorgrens. There after I have had 2 bouts of Cancer. My worst symptoms are dry eye and itchy skin. I have tried plugs buy they didn't stay in. I use 2 meds for my eyes. Restasis & Paseo. I use any of the top non fragrant lotions for my skin. The brain fog is even worse since chemo. And the joint pain due to the Arimidex.

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