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I have all the symptoms above you described except never had a lip biopsy, Dr said not needed, the diagnosis is pretty clear. It took seven years for diagnosis. I guess did’t make myself clear to you.

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Ok. If you’re satisfied with it, and it covers your complaints, sure.
Do you have a question about Sjogren’s?

Does anyone have earaches from Sjogrens?

Wanted to know if anyone has nausea from Sjogrens? I have nausea most days, take Tylenol 3 or 4 times a day for ear aches wondering if the nausea is from Tylenol.

Nausea is one thing I don’t have much with Sjogrens. I do get it from Ropinorole, I take for restless leg though. I have lost hearing enough to wear hearing aids, and I’ve wondered if it could be because of the dryness of Sjogrens. Fatigue and aches and pains are my worst complaint. Lately, my tongue is very sore, and my parotid glands are swelling and painful, newer symptoms for me.

lI have lost some of my hearing too, I’m confused and wondering why you thought dryness might be causing hearing loss. Aches and pains I have also. Dry skin is a big issue especially on my scalp. Dry eyes, mouth, saliva gland blocked a little and Dr cleared the gland. What was the first thing you had with this sojourns? Mine I had abdominal pain, seven years ago and that is how long it took to diagnosis me.

My first symptoms were dry eyes, mouth and skin. I now have lots of aches and pains, chronic fatigue, memory fog, and other things mentioned before. I had to quit work last October and filed for disability. I also have other health issues.

Sorry to hear that. I have it too and its much nastier than many people believe.
Do you have a question or questions about some aspect of Sjogren’s such as medications, complications, co-morbitities?

There is fluid in the cochlear which Sjogrens could affect.

There is fluid in the cochlear and the little hairs in it died. So, I am totally deaf in that ear.

I have major mouth issues. My doctor told me about 7 years ago that I had sjogrens and that it was “no big deal.” He said I just needed disease modifying drugs, and they never worked so he changed them frequently. He refused to treat my mouth and watched as my teeth wore away at the gums. I learned not long ago that my gums were eroding now too and I fear I will lose all my teeth. I can take almost nothing these days without getting every severe side effect and I am desperate to find something that will help. I let my old rheum go a year ago as I was sick of him ignoring me. My mouth hurt so bad and was full of sores and he told me “they will go away.” My smile was the only part of my body I ever really liked and now, I can’t even smile anymore. Has anyone else had problems with their teeth? It is going into my ears now too and I can not chew anything without hearing noises in them, it is maddening..

I am sorry to hear about your tooth involvement. I have my teeth checked and cleaned every 6 months. On their recommendation, I use Phillips fluoride toothpaste once a day. Also use Biotene gel. Have used an electric toothbrush for years. There are also several chews OTC that you can use as often as you need them. A pharmacist can point you to them. Sounds like you need a new doctor.

Thanks Marylou and yes, I finally fired him last year. I put way too much trust in him. I see a dental specialist at Mayo next month and I hope they can do something for me.

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