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Positive ANA, did not have the gland biopsy. Plaquenel prescribed have not taken yet. I have the dry mouth, dry eyes which are typical and lately nausea.

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Hi, and welcome.
So you did not have positive anti-SSA or anti-SSB and were diagnosed based on a positive ANA and subjective dryness? Here are the current diagnostic criteria:

According to the American-European classification system (as modified by Tzioufas and Voulgarelis[5] ), diagnosis of primary Sjögren syndrome requires at least four of the criteria listed below; in addition, either criterion number 5 or criterion number 6 must be included. Sjögren syndrome can be diagnosed in patients who have no sicca symptoms if three of the four objective criteria are fulfilled. The criteria are as follows:

Ocular symptoms – Dry eyes for more than 3 months, foreign-body sensation, use of tear substitutes more than 3 times daily
Oral symptoms – Feeling of dry mouth, recurrently swollen salivary glands, frequent use of liquids to aid swallowing
Ocular signs – Schirmer test performed without anesthesia (< 5 mm in 5 min), positive vital dye staining results Oral signs - Abnormal salivary scintigraphy findings, abnormal parotid sialography findings, abnormal sialometry findings (unstimulated salivary flow < 1.5 mL in 15 min) Positive minor salivary gland biopsy findings Positive anti–SSA or anti–SSB antibody results from http://emedicine.medscape.com/article/332125-overview

Little surprising that they would start you on plaquenil without all of the diagnostic criteria being met so wondering what they must have seen. Not saying they’re wrong, just as I said, surprised. I have it and my lip biopsy was negative so I had to meet other criteria, one of which was a high titer anti-SSA along with some IGG abnormalities which I don’t understand well enough the try and explain. There can be a lot of reasons for a positive ANA.

Never heard of a strong association between nausea and Sjogren’s but GI symptoms aren’t unusual.

Any thyroid disease? Common comorbidity with Sjogren’s.

The good news is that plaquenil is the right stuff and that its usually easy to tolerate.

Positive ANA is not enough. I also have a high ANA and all other blood work was normal. I have a positive lip biopsy. Also dry mouth, eyes and extremely dry skin.

I’ve had positive ANA test as well. I was diagnosed with burning mouth syndrome and central sensitization at Mayo a few years back. I’ve been having some other skin issues and went to local dermatologist. She suspects form of lupus based on symptoms and bloodwork and mentioned taking Plaquenel. She said it had been known to help with Burning Mouth Syndrome. Has anyone taken for their and if so was it helpful and were there any issues or side effects in taking? At this point, I’m fearful to take it and waiting to see a Rhuematologist to do further testing.

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