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gabapentin and muscle pain

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Good morning joannem, My neurologist just sent me gabapentin for leg pain. I haven’t taken it yet because I don’t like taking medicines unless I really need it but when i go to bed I have a lot of pain with my legs. During the day I do still have some pain but the gabapentin side effects is dizziness and sleepy and I work during the day so I definitely don’t want to take it, What do you use it for and how are you on this medicine?

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If you haven’t started taking Gabapentin yet, I say hold off. I currently take 300mg in the morning and 300mg in the evening. My pain doctor prescribed it for the burning nerve pain I was having in my right leg. I was titrated on with one capsule once a day for 3 days, then a second capsule for 3 days and I was supposed to take a third capsule then. I was ok on the first 2 capsules, but the third one made me high to the point I couldn’t do anything but sleep. I felt completely out of control. I only took the third capsule once and that was all.

My biggest concern about this medication is that I have lost my memory, even days at a time. My family was worried that I was getting dementia, as was I. If I hadn’t read about others on this site having the same problem, I would have just thought dementia was the problem. No one on either side of my family has had dementia and they have lived into their 90’s. I am also clumsy and lose my balance a lot. That scares me as at the age of 68, I don’t want to fall and injure myself more.

I have asked my pain doctor to withdraw me from the Gabapentin, which I understand is a difficult process. I would rather have the burning pain if there still is any, than the side effects of the medicine. Everyone is different, but I wouldn’t have been able to work while taking this medication due to the memory issues. Good luck with your choice. You are wise to research your medicines before starting them.

OMG – Thank you for sharing – I will not be taking Gabapetin – Doctor never mentioned to me about having to wean off of this medication! After reviewing everyone who is taking this drug – it doesn’t sound like a side effect I would want to take the chance. Many people are on this medicine and all sharing they are having side effects of memory loss and balance problems. I hope & pray you are able to withdraw from this & find something else that doesn’t have these side effects. I’m very scared too – so far I’m just taking the pain and if it gets bad I take a Acetaminophen. Have you gone to the Mayo Clinic?

I haven’t been seen at Mayo because I live in Southern California and I don’t think there is a clinic here. I have been to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN when I had skin grafting surgery on my face for Basal Cell skin cancer. My husband was also treated there when he had a heart attack 17 years ago. I am very impressed with Mayo and the care they provided my husband and me.

I go through St. Jude’s clinics here. I have been happy with the healthcare I have received, with the exception of the pain doctor. He didn’t explain to me the effects of Gabapentin, and I trusted that he would not give me something like it. He’s not happy with me because I want to titrate off it. Too bad. I also take Tramadol 50 mg for pain, and Baclofen 10 mg for muscle spasms. I know I am dependant on the Tramadol as I have taken it before and had to withdraw from it then. However, I prefer it over Hydrocodone or oxycodone which haven’t really helped my pain. Tramadol helps, but I still have quite a bit of pain. I was told that I cannot use marijuana for pain relief, even though it is legal in California because it is still illegal at the Federal level. I’m seeing the pain doctor next Monday for a “reevaluation” of my situation. This is at his request which is why I think he’s not happy with me. It’s a longer story than I have time to share now.

Hello @pkindron – during the day I put a 5000 mg B -12 under my tongue. My neurologist determined that low B-12 in my body might be causing my problems and wants my readings for B-12 in the high numbers. they usually range in the low numbers for normal even though I take vit b-12 shots. He increased my gabapentin from 300mg to 900 mg, which I take i in the evening and the other 2 before bed.