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gabapentin and muscle pain

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I have been on gabapentin for years !! Never linked it to any specific symptoms though , mainly because I take so may prescriptions. But periods of memory loss have been an issue AND no sleep AND no eating and AN INCREASAE IN PAIN but is this from the gabapentin or just an increase in pain? Have neuropathy from chemo, fibro, cancer pain, depression and some type of degenerative joint problem. I take over a dozen RX and some supplements. Will be looking forward to learning more about this issue !!

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Please check with Mayo Clinic and your neurologist for drug-drug interactions that may be negative. S

Supplements are NOT regulated and therefore who knows what any one is doing?

Have you had an EMG or similar tests?


Welcome to the world of Peripheral Neuropathy, or should I say "The Hell of Peripheral Neuropathy". I share many of the same symptoms as you. I take 900mg Lyrica daily, as well as OTC pain relievers. I have had this since 2004, and, until last fall I thought there was no help at all for the remaining pain ranging from a 4 on scale of 1-10 all the way to a 10. That is until last fall when I started taking Medical Marijuana. Immediately after starting, I felt about a 75% decrease in pain. I still take all the other meds (no Opioids) but I am able to do things I enjoy without pain crippling me. My moods are better as a result of the MJ as well as simply feeling better overall. Obviously, one must live in a state allowing it.

glad to hear that gradually the medical field is gradually realizing the benefits of this alternate pain killer. ,I have asked for it but no doctor is willing to give me a medical prescription. I live in Canada.

waiting for it to be more available/legal, it is certainly something I couldn't smoke because of lung issues. So hopefully they will sell it in a form you can use for baking or something. I am certainly willing to try it. currently I do take opioids for the pain and I think they can get some what of a bad rap. I have a single Dr. writing all of my prescriptions, I go to a single pharmacy and am in constant contact with all of my dr.s ( I need a new written RX every month for this drug ) If a person takes ownership for their health and they do not have an addictive history or personality opioids can help. Also in terminal cases as you get closer to the end a person isn't really worried about becoming addicted this is where hospice and/or palliative care can really help, their goal is to help give you quality in the reaming time. less pain but not so doped up you can't function. I speak for my experience only and do not intend for this to be a statement on how others should deal with their pain issues but I know this sharing of personal info has helped me A LOT.


I don't know if Canada has legalized medical Marijuana. If so, find out who prescribes it. I'm afraid I can't be of much help. Btw, it WORKS.

I've been taking gabapentin for 20 yes I'm up to 4000 mg a day I take for the pins and needles I feel in lower legs. I do stop for 3 days to get out of my system. You don't take for numbness as I seen someone say in another post. It's great stuff the other meds either depress me or zombifies me.