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Hi @jackieg. I want to add my welcome to Rosemary’s. Glad to have you join the Connect community.
I’m happy to introduce a few other Connect members to this conversation about PBC. Please meet @ageorge714 @lorettanebraska @tiffanyandrews @bobbutler @mrsdeecee.

Jackie, you may be interested in reading this discussion about PBC and itching https://connect.mayoclinic.org/discussion/i-was-diagnosed-with-primary-biliary-cirrhosis-5-yrs-ago-i-have/

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How do u feel. Can u tell if ur disease has progressed. What meds do u take.

Thank you Colleen nice to meet youDee

Thank u Colleen. I will read the links since I need to learn about this disease.

My son just got that diagnosis…he is in the hospital and because they could not get in to
Put stents in his bile ducts that are clogged, they put a drain directly in .

They hope to be able to put stent in tomorrow (2nd attempt) … what is his prognosis treatment and as it progresses what will his quality of life be like?

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