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prostate cancer treatment choices

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I was advised to check my p.s.a.in 3 mos. and if above .20 then radiation would be of no value given the involvement with lymph nodes , seminal vesical, fatty cap and margins and that the cancer would have most likely moved beyond my prostate bed in which case ADT was recommended. Given the potential risks of radiation and with only 25% chance of it (radiation) doing me any good at this point im reluctant to go the radiation route even though just below .20 so far. Thank you for your input and any additional will be very appreciated

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I was initially diagnosed in 2014 and was offered a treatment paths that proposed surgery or radiation (brach). I did not like either and rsearched other treatment protocols. During this period I changed my diet to an alkaline diet, did a 2 month regime of high dose vitamin C via IV and even did 12 sessions of hyperbaric treatment. Finally I decided on a treatment offered by Dr Sperling – Focal Laser Ablation which held my PC at bay until a recurrence in June 2018 when Dr. Sperling undertook an MRI guided biopsy. Subsequent to the diagnosis which was reconfirmed by John Hopkins, I followed up by taking Metformin and Casodex for a couple months when I did another ablation by Dr Sperling. Subsequent to this ablation Dr. Sperling recommended I go on Lupron and follow up in 6-12 months with radiation. My PSA is point .1 and testo .5, However another thing I tried which I believe was tremendously helpful was Rick Simpson Oil – Phoenix Tears (lots of material on the internet about it). I tried it because a friend of mine's wife who was terminal with lung and brain cancer tried it as a last resort and that was 3 years ago. The RSO protocol calls for a person to take 60 grams of Phoenix Tears over a 90 day period. My most recent 3T MRI has shown my prostate has reduced in size and I am waiting on a consult with Dr Sperling to read my MRI as the Canadian radiologist lacked the experience in reading it with my post ablation treatment. I know it has done something because my Lupron side affects are minimal and I am no longer waking to go to the washroom many times through the night. I usually wake about 6 am or later for that chore. Taking RSO does have side affects it does "buzz" you out quite a bit once you get to the 1 gram per day dose. However, I usually took it in the evening around 8, it would kick in about 10 and I slept "like a stone" for a good 10-12 hours. Anyway this is my experience so far and I am still very reluctant on radiation since risks prevail. I am planning on starting my next go around with RSO next week and if you have any questions feel free to ask.

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