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Thank you much for the detailed reply . It would have taken from your own time for sure 🙏
I am going through your suggestions and advice carefully . Meanwhile I am trying the low FODMAP diet from Monash University , with a modicum of improvement in my diet status .
Yet not all food allowed by this diet agrees with me .
For eg , Sweet potato , lotus seeds, coconut , ivy gourd , egg , almond milk , tofu , soya milk etc are all allowed by FODMAP diet , but are a complete no-no for me .
I am normally an eggetarian and yet so far what agrees with me is

French beans
2 slices normal tomato
30 gms red cooked pumpkin
Raw banana
Small amount of potato
Ripe banana
Tahini sauce 2-3 tsp
Peanut butter 2 tsp
Sesame oil unrestricted
Sesame seeds 2 tsp

That is it so far .
I must say that I tried two pieces of chicken , though culturally is an enormous challenge for me , and found it seemed to agree with me .

Do not know if I can accept eating chicken though …… have to work that through in my head first . …..
Will keep posting here as I progress .
Thank you to all the kind members , who posted here for me . Your concern and inputs are very valuable to me .
PS - I am a researcher in public health and quickly realized that most dietitians will give only general advice and not pointed to my unique problem ….. it is only information locations like this group that will hopefully help me to climb out of this place .

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I can tolerate a small amount of kefir in a smoothie with fruit, amaranth and hemp, which is a way to take in protein. During my stay at my brother's, I also ate a dish of lentils and rice and did tolerate it, so I'm thinking of adding lentils to my diet.

Really, it's mainly a matter of trial and error to find out what suits us personally. From the groups I'm in, it also seems that what works one day can suddenly stop working and one has to start over finding out what one can tolerate.