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Celiac Artery Aneurysm: Anyone else with same illness?

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Where did you have your surgery? Dr.’s name?

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I know this is an old thread but my husband has this problem which was found/ noted in his x-ray report when he was having another bout with kidney stones in 2010. It was 1.4 cm then. I haven't checked the other times he has had this same problem – kidney stones in the last 10 years but the x-ray for the ones they found last month (Dec 2019) again showed the same celiac artery aneurysm only it is now 1.9 cm. After pointing this out to his urologist I was told it had to go back to his "main" doctor for referral. Went back to that doctor only to be referred to a gastroenterologist!. I'm trying to see what type of specialists/doctors anyone else was sent to. I have a gastroenterologist but I have mild celiac along with other issues that a gastro guy handles. Never heard of one of them handling this type of health problem. I thought the referral should be to a vascular specialist. Can you or anyone else give me the specialties your doctors were in?

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