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Celiac Artery Aneurysm: Anyone else with same illness?

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You and I are both very rare. I was just diagnosed with a celiac artery Aneurism last week. I Like you was experiencing severe abdominal pain. I was absolutely not expecting this news after CT scan. Like you I was quickly transferred to a hospital that had vascular surgeons on staff. I'm now released with low grade pain with a wait and see approach. In two weeks they are repeating the CT scan to monitor it. The frustrating part for my family is the wait and see approach. They would much rather have a fix. I'm happy to find someone else with this condition at least to chat with. I'd be happy to share my experiences in more detail if your interested. Doug

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I was diagnosed with celiac artery aneurysm two weeks ago when I presented with severe abdominal pain in ER and CT scans revealed aneurysm. I cannot believe how rare the disorder is. Was admitted and told by vascular surgeon, that if caused by inflammation, they would do steroid treatment, if caused by infection, I would be life-flighted to Philadelphia since the vascular surgeon was not experienced. That was Friday, 6/3/17. They kept me in to do another CT that following Monday. Evidently they didn't see a remarkable increase so was discharged with orders for follow up CT Scan (this week) and follow up with a different surgeon. Back story here....I'm following up with the colon/rectal surgeon who did my bowel resection after my Crohn's Disease flared and fistulated into my bladder in 2009. Diagnosed with Crohn's 2005. I have been on Humira ever since.
I feel like a walking time bomb, not knowing what's going on in my gut.

Not that I'd wish this on anybody, but finally glad to know I'm not alone.

Jefferson Hospital and University of Penn are good. Are you near Philadelphia Pa?

I'm in the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton area, northeast Pa. How was the decision made for you to have surgery? Size of aneurysm? Surgery recommended for something like this? I have so little information about the condition, except that it's rare.

Jen - I just had a similar response on wait and see. I'm not comfortable with that and was wondering how you progressed? Seems like the ER and Vascular Dr. want to wait...to see if my pain is gastro or anerisum.