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Celiac Artery Aneurysm: Anyone else with same illness?

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Jen, like @hopeful33250 I too would like to get to know about you. I didn't find another Connect member with a diagnosis of celiac artery aneurysm. As you point out, it is very rare. But given that the celiac artery is the first major branch of the abdominal aorta, I thought you might appreciate the introduction to a few members who have recently been talking about living with an abdominal aortic aneurysm. Please let me introduce you to @janetpomponio @kdh1 @playsdixie @elsinann and @lynnkay1956. You may also wish to read this older and ongoing discussion http://mayocl.in/1WX0ypo

Jen, are you a candidate for surgery?

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I had an open surgery and everthing went extremly well. Went in for my one year check up and was given excellent grades. The person that did the ultra sound said the repair was so good the graff blended right in with the aorta. I am very pleased. I am a smoker and the kidney veins were getting clised. He opened one but didn't have time to open and clean the other one.

Excellent to hear, all is well. Based on research I've done there has been no one who had the surgery that had bad results. Mine is only 1.8 CM so they want to wait and see but I'm heavily leaning towards getting it done after next follow up in 3 months.

Mine was 5.5 so had grown quite a bit so it had to be operated  on.  I am glad it is over.

Where did you have your surgery? Dr.'s name?

I had my surgery at Abbott the Doctors name is Timothy M. Sullivan. Very good Dr explains everything. Takes time not just in and out. Would highly recommend him.

Dr.Sullivan is a wonderful physician, I agree with your recommendation!

Hello. I read your post and found it interesting. I was diagnosed with a celiac artery aneurysm about 5 years ago and it has been stable up until now. I am going in next week for an update (last was in 2015). I was reading up on it again before my appt. and saw your post about your surgery. I was wondering how that was? Difficult? Quick? Quick recovery? Dangerous? WAs it a small incision? I was curious about the options they gave you about the repair. Thanks.

Not sure where to jump in here. I was diagnosed with a celiac artery aneurysm also. 09/04/018, Mine is 1.25CM. Will be checking it every six months. My MD says surgery would be considered at 1.5CM. Mine seems small compared to others on here. I have low grade lower abdomen pain that may be the aneurysm, not sure. I thought it was a hernia and that's how they found the aneurysm. I will follow. Thanks, Randy.

I am just seeing this but ironically I too was diagnosed about the same time. They did not operate because the aneurysm was too small. I havent had insurance so I have just let it ride. Can you tell me how you are doing?