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Jen (@jurney01)

Celiac Artery Aneurysm: Anyone else with same illness?

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@jurney01 Hi Jen: I just saw your post regarding your health problem. I’m so sorry to hear about that, but I’m glad that you were able to have a procedure to help. While I’ve never been diagnosed with this, I also have a rare disorder, Neuroendocrine tumors, and I know how important it is to connect to others who are also going through something similar. Hopefully, someone on Mayo Connect will be able to relate with you and share their experiences. I see that you just recently joined Mayo Connect so let me welcome you to this very supportive, encouraging community. We are here for each other and learn from each other!

I “googled” the disorder and I see that is very rare. If you would like to share your experience, please let us know how your doctor found this aneurysm and if you were having specific symptoms or if it was just found incidentally. Best wishes to you as you share your experience and find help and support from others! Teresa

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Thank you for your kind words. The aneurysm was found once a cat scan was completed. I went to the hospital with abdominal pain and vomiting. I never expected this diagnosis. I had to be transferred to another hospital since the vascular surgeon never had experience with this illness.
I hope you are well as we share rare disorders. Lol. I appreciate your time and look forward to connecting with others like you ar the Mayo Clinic


@jurney01 Jen: Thanks for sharing some more info about your situation with all of us. Please keep us posted as you continue to learn about your disorder. Most of us have found that information and education is our greatest ally in dealing with disorders. When you add to that the sense of camaraderie that you find with others at Mayo Connect you have a winning combination! Best wishes.

I read your post, and I think, that I will be diagnosed with something similar. It is very frightening, when you feel your heart rate on top of your stomach and you have terrible pain in that region. It also can affect your liver and pancreas. I am having an ultrasound done in our hospital to follow the bloodvenes around the aorta. Hopefully, the pain has come from someplace else! But it is frightening. Let me know, what happened to you,

I too have a celiac artery compression
Not sure if it is a tangle of nerves compressing it or a ligament from my diaphragm )MALS). There is a 9 m mlm aneurysm beyond the compression
I have no pain at all . I do have factor Leiden V heterogenous, which means i have a propensity to form blood clots. I have two other arteries that leave the abdominal Ao
rta: renal and lower iliac which boyh have significant stenosis with thrombus. I just comleted surgery for clots in my femoral artery. Blood from the artery filled my abdominsl cavity. I was awake because m bp kept tanking and they could not give me anesthesia. I was in exteme pain my foot and leg started swelling and i lost all feeling in my foot. I was freezing cold and at one point mu haglobin was 4. Finally my bp went up enough and i was given something and my cardiologist inserted two stents. Ivwoke up with swelling going down and could wiggle my toes. My abdomen still hurt.i do not have any pail that MALS patients ha e and do not know why i don't. I wish you all well with your surgeries. I was 5 minutes away from a total leg amputatio.

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