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Need help! Depression and anxiety

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I know it helps some people and the very first time I did it. It helped a little but in 4 months I was back to pretty much non-functional. Over the years I have had 3 different series totaling 30 different treatments. Now they just put tiny electrodes on your head and can target areas better. My 1st Series was over 20 years ago and it looked like I had metal coke cans on either side of my head. ( just like One flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest) it was mortifying. AlL 3 series came with really bad short term memory loss - didn’t recognize even my family. However that does get much better within a week or two. The 1st one left me with horrible long term memory! I believe the way they do it know does affect that as bad. Between the depression itself, the medications and the ECT’s there is so much I don’t remember. Huge chunks are missing. The worst is I don’t remember a lot of my daughter growing up. This was also why I finally agreed to try the MAOI. I was pretty much out of options and I had taken most Of the medications out there in my 36 years of dealing with this. ECT does help some people but I was not one of them. The electrodes they use now do not Usually have the long term memory loss. I am so glad my doctor wanted me to try the MAOIs. I was very frightened to take the them but finally I agreed to take it 5 years ago, I started them on Valentines Day. I have been well ever since. The MAOIs gave me my life back!! Not many Drs will prescribe them today. I would think about finding a Dr that will prescribe them. But the Dr needs to really know about them. You have to adhere to food and medication rules or they can be potentially fatal. That scared me to death but I have no problem following that Cuz it gave me my life back! I had finally found an excellent and a very medication knowledgeable psychiatrist. Also he is very kind and compassionate. Rare- at least compared to the other psychiatrists I had seen. I saw him for about 6 years and he exhausted Pretty much everything before he suggested trying those.

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Oh it was so good to read that you have your life back. I will be praying for you that you are completely healed.
We are strong for our family, our precious little ones,
And even! relatives who do not always understand!


I appreciate your response. The psychiatrist I see has been really good to work with over the past ten years or so. I think that all the antidepressants I've taken have been ssri's.

I've read stories about ECT experiences, from one end of the spectrum to the other. It seems to be quite individualized, much like neuropathy. I'm in a better place now than I was ten years ago, and probably don't need it as desperatelyas I did then.

I'm going to look into MAOI's. Thanks for sharing your experience.