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Need help! Depression and anxiety

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I share in your joy. I'm sure that if I were in your place I'd be wanting to tell the world. Do keep us posted as to how you are doing, going forward. Hang on to the thoughts and feelings you're having right now. This is the best time to strengthen your faith. I've learned that if I practice spiritual disciplines during the good times, I'm better equipped to handle the not so good times that we all face.


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I was "liberated" (which is what they call it) in Oct, 2018. Never suffered another suicidal thought - the whole oppression vanished in a flash. So well over a year now. Life is back to normal and other than the usual ups and downs, nothing serious. I am just thrilled to know healing such as I experienced is actually possible - and sad that more suffering people don't know about the confessional as a viable form of healing. I worked with Mayo Clinic and a wonderful MD therapist, but ultimately it was a priest who did the heavy lifting and worked the (fairly dramatic!) final cure. I guess each did our part... I'm just grateful to be alive, brain fog gone, etc.