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Need help! Depression and anxiety

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When I was in college, I wanted to go into childhood education. My first assignment was writing a paper of the effect of television on a child's brain. After doing the research, I promptly gave up television! (My daughter thanks me for raising her without it today). That was 50 years ago. Unsure I would trust any TV series called "Evil" particularly considering what Charles Fraune and Father Amorth (their books are available on Amazon) have written on the subject - or YouTube has a priest, Father Chad Ripperger who speaks on the subject - most particularly considering what has been happening in secular culture in recent years. The church has a 2,000 year history of healing - it was one of the gifts that Jesus passed on to his disciples - and was the major reason Christianity spread so rapidly despite enthusiastic government attempts to stamp it out. What I did not know until my own experience, is that confession is the sacrament of healing. I had no idea that the priest could discharge mental problems so efficiently in the confessional. So I am personally startled and impressed and naturally think more people should know about it. I would also beware of anything on the airwaves as I believe Jesus referred to Satan as the Prince of the Air - as well as the father of lies. If it is true that 1 in 4 today is suffering from some kind of mental/psychological affliction oppressing them from the outside, it is nice to know something works besides taking drugs or years of therapy. I also found out that I did not have to believe in "instant" relief to experience it. Padre Pio worked many miracles through the confessional in Italy that are well documented. Mayo Clinic believes in "evidence based medicine" and I was diagnosed with major depression - and verified fully recovered! I'm just sharing my experience and hope someone else can find healing as I did. I remain grateful as I'm sure those lepers did when they were healed - or any of the other ailing people that experienced "instant" healing. Today mental illness is a modern stigma like leprosy - and there are experienced and holy priests qualified to discharge it. It is worth knowing about, even if you freely choose to ignore that option. Medical issues are certainly highly personal. I just share my own experience because I certainly didn't remotely expect what happened to me and it seems worth passing along.

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I share in your joy. I'm sure that if I were in your place I'd be wanting to tell the world. Do keep us posted as to how you are doing, going forward. Hang on to the thoughts and feelings you're having right now. This is the best time to strengthen your faith. I've learned that if I practice spiritual disciplines during the good times, I'm better equipped to handle the not so good times that we all face.