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Macrometastasis and Age at Diagnosis

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I don’t really know the answer to the 5 year thing. I think that may depend on each specific case and each doctor as well. Doctors are in short supply around here so if you aren’t in active treatment, it is sometimes easier to see the PC.
I have mutations coming from both sides of my family, I am currently one of two remaining survivors of my family. I have a half brother who has also managed to survive a couple types of cancer so far. Neither of us were blessed with children, so we are the last of the line. Most of my family members that I know of died from cancer. Mostly under the age of 50 and some very young, so I consider myself lucky.
I found that walking helped me through the 5 years of tamoxifen and 10 years of Anastrazole. I also found that taking them at night helped with the fatigue.
I am crossing my fingers and my toes for your upcoming check up. Have you tried any other ways to mediate the side effects?

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Like you, I have found that taking the tamoxifen at night has helped the fatigue. I get nausea from it a few hours after I take it, so it is better to sleep through it than try to manage that during the day. I have noticed what seems like a 2-3 month cycle with the tamoxifen. Once every 2-3 months, I will experience a 7-10 day "tamoxifen trough" (at least that is what I call it), where I need extra sleep, have some brain fog, and can't seem to find the energy to do anything. Walking is good and helpful. I tried caffeinated tea for awhile as an energy boost, but the caffeine has other negative side effects for me. I take extra magnesium to moderate the leg cramps. I'm just hoping I can stay on the tamoxifen for the remaining 3 years. What was your dose of tamoxifen when you were on it? Were you able to take the 20mg or did you go lower? (I'm on 10mg right now.)