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Need help! Depression and anxiety

Depression & Anxiety | Last Active: Jan 10, 2022 | Replies (225)

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Today was a little better than yesterday. If it is withdrawal how long does it usually last?

Ideally I would want to get benzodiazepines out of my life.

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@pirateking I went through acute withdrawal with Ativan at one time and it took a good week to get over the physical feelings….crawly skin, feeling like you want to run or just shake it off and this severe anxiety. I’m not a pharmacist so I don’t know the half lifes of addicting drugs meaning how long it stays in your system. I do believe Klonopin stays in your body longer than Ativan. Again, it would depend on the dose you were taking but it would probably take longer than Ativan. Are you still taking the Ativan? If so you should be feeling better soon. When my doctor starts a new med to substitute for another he titrates the new one up slowly and titrates the one you want to get off slowly. Then you don’t notice you changed unless you have side effects. I hope you continue to feel better. If your doctor doesn’t know these basic techniques you may want to find another one.

Again look at the Ashton Manual at Benzos.org that will tell you everything you want to know about Benzos and some things that you don’t want to

I take 1mg of Klonopin, and 2 if I need it. It’s for both anxiety and acting out my dreams. For the 2nd reason, my wife doesn’t want me to stop taking it. At one point, I tried very gradually taper off it, but I couldn’t sleep, so I still take it after 8 or 10 years. Only rarely do I need a second one, but when I do, it really helps. I was given Ativan in a post suicide attempt facility, and my heart rate shot up to 180. That was very unpleasant. It’s on my list of allergies.