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Hello Everyone –

I posted this recently in the supplements vs statins section, although I am not taking any supplements, or medication. Would love to hear if anyone else has had reactions with fish/Krill Oil.

Most of my life (I am 68) I had a normal cholesterol level around 195-200. A few years ago it shot up over a three year period to 360. At that time there was a lot of stress in my life, and I had also gained a lot of weight. My Dr prescribed a statin, which made my muscles turn to mush, leaving me with no energy.. We tried 3 different statins and even red yeast rice. I would take them for a week or two before my muscles seem to give out.
A year ago I went on a diet, took up yoga (I have always been active but changed from gym to yoga). Slowly my cholesterol went down (from 313 to 283) and I lost 18 lbs between August and April 2016. My bp has always been around 115/70, my triglycerides are normal, my HDL went up and my LDL, although still high, went down. My glucose was 102, also headed downwards.. All good signs.
I discussed taking fish oil with my doctor in April and she suggested Krill Oil. I added that to my diet for four months, from April – August, when my blood was retested. I also increased my exercise to include strength training, to tone while I was losing weight.
I was eager to see what had happened, because I had lost another 7 lbs and felt really good (an average of 2 lbs a month over a year). I expected the Krill oil to help lower my cholesterol more than my diet and exercise alone had done. Imagine my shock when I saw that my cholesterol had shot up to 313! My HDL had improved from 50 to 56 mg, however, my LDL had also gone up.
Today I spoke about it with my Dr. (whom I like and trust). We agreed I am eating very healthy, exercising enough and feel super. I said I would not take anything for 3 months, and continue to watch my weight (my goal is another 20 lbs, which will take awhile) but I will have my blood retested in November. However, I still want to know why my cholesterol shot up and I can’t find an answer – could it be the Krill Oil?

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I am not a doctor. I have researched this subject a lot, but I make no claims here. I can only tell you what my situation is. During previous posts, I’ve described my dismay at being diagnosed with severe artery disease, after a “clean” life. Further research indicated that my “heart-healthy” diet may not be so after all. Without going into all the details (previously posted), I am on a modified Mediterranean diet, and I take various supplements, including krill oil. I find it hard to believe that krill oil caused your cholesterol increase, but you may be one of the “lucky” ones (as I was with artery disease). I would tend to believe your diet may not be so healthy after all. I suggest you do more reading at Dr Sinatra’s website, as well as at the “doctors wolfson” website. You will get tons of info and testimonials about healthy heart diets and supplements. And both websites will lead you to various books on the subject, which I recommend reading. Basically, reduce/eliminate inflammation, absolutely eliminate all sugar including added fructose & corn syrups, avoid all processed baked goods (pastries, etc), and stop the hi-glycemic index carbs (there is a website defining this by food, as well as getting an understanding from the books I mentioned previously (another post). Good luck.

Ty so much ,,I am a sweet crazy lady ,,I guess I can give this up ,,I thank u so much for taking time to respond ,,,I hate taking meds for this but I have to get this chlostrol down ,going to try with food first

Could u tell me briefly the best things to eat ,

Well, I understand. And I’m sympathetic. But once you get the habit, and you know how it helps, you’ll be addicted. For example, you can do fruit for sweets–berries in particular (blue-, straw-, etc). They have sugar of course, but it’s natural, and they don’t have as much as other fruits. And they’re loaded with anti-oxidants. And I take a bite of at least 65% cocoa dark chocolate. It is bitter for some, but it’s easy to get used to. The higher the percentage, the better (tho bitterness will increase). You can find it at Trader Joe’s. And then there’s raw, natural honey–in small quantities, because it goes a long way. I make do with those, and I seldom have any other sweets cravings.

I used to eat lots of fruits every day, and a good amount of veggies. But now it’s mostly veggies, with some fruit (as mentioned above). The vegetables are the best carbs you can eat, and the fruits have sugar so it’s best to keep the veg/fruit ratio 4 or 5 to 1 (rather than the other way around). I have a jumbo salad everyday for lunch, with all kinds of fresh, organic vegetables, with some chicken or fish, and so I get my nutrients, with beneficial carbs, and it’s very filling. The list of good veggies is too long to mention, but you may want to buy The 150 Healthiest Foods on Earth, by Jonny Bowden. It gives you all you want to know about vegetables, grains, beans & legumes, fruits, nuts/seeds, dairy, meat/poultry/eggs, fish/seafood, specialty foods, beverages, herbs/spices, and oils. You’ll wonder how you ever made it before, and you’ll undoubtedly be angry at how little of this info is taught. This book is one of many excellent publications on the subject.

I can also recommend Nourishing Traditions, which is loaded with recipes, and it has a 50 page intro which gives you fantastic info regarding what’s wrong with the diets we’ve been told to eat for 50-60 years. Another eye-opener.

Best of luck. Happy eating.

Switching to 5-1 veggies – fruit, was hard for me because I enjoy fruit so much, however, I have always liked the flavors of veggies so it wasn’t extreme. But no matter what I try – bitter chocolate is not my thing and so once in a great while – I will crave and eat a piece (or two) of chocolate, but then it is over and done with for a few months! Way back, it was every day.
Thank you so much for all the book recommendations.

Ty ,such good info ,,,I need all I can get