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I think I posted in the wrong place ,,no it's me ,I just turned 73 , I would love to get this both down without taking any medications ,,I have read a lot of side effects of these meds and would love to try it myself by eating correctly ,ty

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Hi @almasexton, glad you joined us on Mayo Connect. I got involved in struggling with cholesterol because of high blood pressure. My wife got into it as a result of diabetes-2. In both cases, we wanted to avoid medication if at all possible, but in order to know whether that was possible, we had to undergo a number of laboratory tests and physical examinations. We almost made it! My cholesterol was under control for several years as a result of statin medications, but for the last year, I have not taken statins and have relied on good nutrition to maintain my cholesterol levels. In my wife's case, she was overweight with moderately high cholesterol; her doctor found problems with her digestion of sugar, and that led to liver malfunctions that raised the cholesterol in her blood. She is taking a weak statin and a weak diabetes pill every day -- with no apparent side effects.

From all of that, you can see why our doctors and their various diagnostic resources were crucial. Could you share with us a little information on your medical team and on what laboratory tests have you had? They will give me a better framework for understanding your situation. In the meantime, how much do you know about foods that aggravate cholesterol? What have you tried along that line?

I am not a diabetic,,just cholesterol 283 triglycerides 188, glucose 107 non Hal 223

Hi @almasexton, I just saw your lipid lab results and wanted to go a step beyond my earlier posting here. The formula for calculating LDL ("bad" cholesterol) shows that with Total Cholesterol of 283, non-HDL Cholesterol of 223, and Triglycerides of 188, your HDL is a good 60, but your LDL is about 185 -- very high. If these numbers are right, they indicate that you should speak to your doctor soon about a program to get your cholesterol under control. My guess is that some medication may be required to start the therapy! Dietary changes can make steady, but modest progress. Lifestyle and exercise will be involved. Best wishes for getting your doctor to help you with a program that works. Keep us posted on how things are going.