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Autoimmune Diseases | Last Active: Nov 22, 2020 | Replies (78)

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So does diet, play any part in autoimmune disease. My wife wants me to see a nutritionist who uses Leap (lifestyle , eating and performance. They use a MRT (mediator release test which is blood work. The whole deal will cost me close to 1000.00 this includes three meetings with a nutritionist to go over results and set up a plan. Good idea or not

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Oh yes look up Dr Mark Hymen on u tube I have auto Immune no sugar sugar
feeds cancer and need litmus paper keep your pH up 7.4 otherwise you set
perfect environment for cancer . I was on Paleo diet went off a week have
asites water retention not good need Dr that practices Chinese medicine
good luck god bless

I think the answer is that nobody really knows at this point. Omega 3 fats can suppress T cell activity so they should theoretically help. I’ve seen things about avoiding the over consumption of some supplements that might stimulate the immune system, like zinc.

Here’s a summary doc you might find useful. I didn’t do a deep dive into it but it seems to touch on some key points.
Good luck.

Good find easy read !!! Same stuff I been reading you can drive yourself
batty with info overload tired read it in am good luck T Y

I take omegas doing something right

Thanks John, I will check out that link, I usually am very careful and do a lot of research before I try anything new, goofed on sushi, ( won’t do that again ) Now I watch what I eat, except I do have a sweet tooth, any substitutes for that bad habit???? Lacey

Hi Wesbig, do you have any health insurance, as they would pay for a portion of the treatment, also they would be able to recommend a doctor who specilizers in this , it’s worth a try, even if you have to pay the full amount, health is worth it, without it , it could get worse. Lacey

Diet plays a big part just as well as mind set. My husband has been following keto diet to starve the cancer as well as watching acidity . Lots of supplements. He feels great and results have been fantastic.He is also on cotellic and zellboraf. God is great Pam

Sushi is full of mercury ! I love it also

If you don’t mind my asking, which cancer is he using the keto diet for? From the meds I gather melanoma. What kinds of supplements does he mainly take?

Yes John, he had melanoma removed from his chest 4years ago and was told they got is all. April1 we found out his melanoma had metastatsized to his brain and lung.

He takes tumeric with menirva,cell power,modified citrus pectin,chaga extract,B17,magnesium.and I also use frankinsence oil.

Well glad to hear that he is doing well on his current regimen. Have you shared the list of supplements with his oncologist to make sure that there are no conflicts with his meds? Some nutrients at certain levels can actually increase cancer metabolism. Thiamine is an example.
My oncologist advised me against too many supplements. Not everyone thinks the same but I just thought that I’d share it.

Best wishes.

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