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Hi, this is Lacey, I also had non-hodgkins lymphoma and I swear by curcumin, I take one pill a day ofTurmeric Supreme with my vitamins and Ensure, every morning with a light breakfast, it has given me back some of the energy I lost from chemo and my tests have been clean and perfect numbers. I have been in remission since Jan. 2015, so we are doing something right. Good Luck.

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curcumin is a lifesaver. i have both a narcotic and a muscle relaxant but they don’t touch the kind of pain from spinal stenosis/sciatica/other autoimmunes. i lost a kidney some years back and drs are adamant i don’t use nsaids (i would kill for aleve right now) i discovered curcumin over the internet at “natural healthy…” and they have a product called curamin that also has other healing natural herbs like boswelia. it’s a lifesaver for me, hope it can help someone else. 

Boswellia has some positive research behind it for the pain of osteoarthritis and it seems to have some synergy with curcumin, for pain and other things.
I can’t take nsaids either and I’ve tried boswellic acids but maybe I’ll have another look at them in conjunction with curcumin. I’m wary of taking on too many supplements having had cancer and a recurrence. Oncologist warned against it.

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