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I just had a colonoscopy/endoscopy yesterday. I'm 82 so past the age for a routine but have had IBS-D for over forty years and it has gotten worse and I also have a dry cough, pains in my upper GI area and heartburn. Turns out I have a "perfect" colon but I have very inflammed upper GI. Distal Esophagitis, Gastritis without bleeding, Duodenitis, Of course she ordered Rx Omeprozole and Sucralfate. I had a bleeding ulcer over 30 years ago and that's what I was on. You would think in all these years they would have come up with something newer. I already have the IBS-D, and Omeprozole doesn't help. Besides diet modification what other things help? I am already gluten free and don't drink so I'm guessing cutting out citrus, onions, coffee and tea? My food world is getting smaller and smaller.