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My Doctor was/is the same. Not interested until we hit a crisis 🙄 Like you said, she thought the surgery would fix my problem. I still take Trulance daily with extra Miralax. I did a lot of PT afterwords who did a lot of the massage you described. It does help. I’m going to try the mineral oil. Oddly, I can’t eat a lot of fiber as it makes the constipation worse. After I was dismissed & discharged after surgery, I ended up back in the ER a week later where it was discovered I had an anastomosis leak. But thank you for taking the time to respond. It validates many of the struggles and fear I’ve had since the surgery. 💜

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I used to eat lots and lots of insoluble fiber and my gut loved it. Since the hemicolectomy though, it’s not my friend like it was. Soluble fiber is better for me, and the relatively small amount of insoluble fiber from fruits and vegetables is fine. GI docs are big into fiber for constipation, but you’re better off listening to your body. I’ve always been a big water drinker and that helps too. Good luck with all the changes you have to make following bowel surgery. I haven’t found anything about it easy, and the changes have changed over the 17 years since mine, but I make changes and then practice “benign neglect” until the next message my body sends. I don’t like to be “sick” in any way, and chafe at the limits this imposes, but I’ve had to accept the limits before I can move on. We’re going to Ireland next month to celebrate our 50th Anniversary and that’s going to be situation where I don’t have a whole lot of control over food like I do at home, so fingers crossed!
Take care.