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I have a trigger finger too & it is very painful. What do they do for that?

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40 years ago I had one finger operated on for trigger finger. As I recall the recovery was slow and painful. This time I decided to try occupational therapy first. They made a little split that I'm supposed to wear most of the time that keeps me from bending my finger in a way that will make it worse. They also told me to use hot and cold water baths like I described. 10 minutes hot, 2 minutes cold, 2 minutes hot, 2 minutes cold 2 minutes hot. I have four more appointments with the OT at which time they will be doing some massage and some treatment with ultrasound which they did the first time I was there and was very helpful. I I play guitar and that's what caused the trigger finger. My finger locked am I pulled it open which was a mistake and was very very painful. That's something I've done many many times without a problem but not this time. I ice my hand before I start to practice because cold makes things shrink and I warm up slowly when I start to play. Someone else mentioned getting injections every 3 months. I may try that but I'm not big on being shot up with steroids. It's never more than a temporary fix.

Get your doctor to give you a referral to see an occupational therapist. It can help to split your finger to rest it to not let it get worse. They can treat you with massage and ultrasound both of which are quite nice and work. And you can give yourself hot cold water valves for your hands. Hot water is 110 to 120 degrees, Coldwater is 50 to 60 degrees. You start hot for 10 minutes, then you go cold for 2 minutes then you go hot for 2 minutes then you hot for 2 minutes. I also ice my hand before I play guitar. Heat will make your hands feel better but heat causes things to expand. Cold cause things to shrink and that's what you need to have happened you got a swelling in your hand you need to shrink it. Don't jump to steroid injections or surgery before you try occupational therapy. If you're over 65 and on Medicare you probably won't have to pay anything to see an occupational therapist. I don't pay a cent.

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