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CBD oil for pain

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@lgerkin It's smart that you checked first if you could ingest CBD oil. Regarding topical CBD oil, you'll notice that I added your question to a previous discussion related to the topic. I did this so you could connect with members like @suzanne2 @grandmajan @dotmoto @jmb73 @pfbacon @quark @wsh66 @meme2eight @chillywillie @margito that have discussed this topic in the past.

Below I have linked a related topic in the Neuropathy group. Member @lorirenee1 is an active member and has discussed this topic here in the past.
– CBD oil for Neuropathy http://connect.mayoclinic.org/discussion/cbd-oil-for-neuropathy/

May I ask if you asked your provider about CBD oil suggestions?

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@lgerkin I have used Tikiva CBD oil and am extremely pleased with the relief I get and I am assuming their topical cream would be very effective. I have tried the roll on CBD oil and that was very effective on my hand pain.

Thank you! My provider had no suggested on the brand of CBD topical, just mentioned it as something I might want to try.

Thank you. I actually know very little about CBD oil. I hear what people
say and I'm glad it's helping. It shares the main problem that haunts all
over the counter supplement which is the FDA does not test enough to be
sure what it is juou're getting. We need our government to broaden it's
view of alternative and complementary healing modalities. We shouldn't be
on our own to decide what can help. The purveyors of these products
capitalize the placebo effects of self care. These effects should not be
disregarded or looked askance at. Placebo effects show us how powerful we
are at healing our own bodies. If you could sell it, it would be patented
by ythe drug industry. Thanks again.