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I had nasopharyngeal cancer (cancer at back of nose) treatment in 2006, and diagnosed with dysphagia and severe neck fibrosis in 2020. Dysphagia is from late effects of radiation, same goes for severe neck fibrosis. With issues of swallowing and speech - this restricts my lifestyle, and am still trying to adapt and adjust my lifestyle - attempting to be ok on my own, as opposed to going out with friends (issue is mainly self - with issues of swallowing and speech). Have been told that there is no cure for late effects of radiation - only thing I can do is be diligent in doing the dysphagia exercise - in the hope that disabilities/issues will not deteriorate - to the point where a feeding tube is required !! (I was told that there are Head and Neck cancer survivors who have to have a feeding tube inserted to ensure intake of nutrition.)
Suggestion - check out exercises for dysphagia.

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Hello from an OLD GUY dealing with Dysphagia for the past 24 years.
You're right, there is no cure. Do the speech exercises, they help.
I'm 81 now and in Hospice. My days are numbered. I get Pneumonia often and
it will kill me. As for your coughing, Deep Breathing Exercising Will Fix That.
When you do them, be sure to practice HOLDING YOUR BREATH. That is a
big help in eliminating the cough. I made it for 24 years. Screw the feeding
tube. Awful, had it pulled out. I've been on a liquid diet for all those 24 years.
You will get used to it. Main meal is blender food around noon and various
blended soups for dinner. GOOD LUCK ! You Can Do It