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coronary plaque findings

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It was close to 800 . We were quite surprised . He is not overweight but has had issues with high cholesterol and high LDL . He has been in a statin for 18 years prior to to calcium CT scan . He has adopted the Mediterranean diet , more cardio . He passed stress test , EKG was good .
Just will stay on top of it with diet , exercise. He was also prescribed zetia to help get LDL down to 55 .
He always enjoyed eating whatever he wanted but now is very serious about diet .
Hereditary part : High family cholesterol.

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That sounds consistent with what I have read - likely had he not been on statins, then his CAC score would be lower, but the bad cholesterol would not have been calcified.

I'm right there with your husband: family history, similar CAC score (843 here), diet, exercise, and pass all the tests. I was unable to get my LDL under around 100 after being on 80 mg statin plus 10 mg zetia for more than 15 years, so Repatha injectable was added. Dropped the LDL from 109 down to 27. And I've moved to a mostly plant-based diet, so even less poultry than previously (haven't had red meat for years)