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Hello, my name is Jim and I would suggest, if you are in the So. California area, there is UCI Med center, specifically the Chao cancer facility, where I had a tumor removed in June, 2009. First diagnosed 1995 in millimeters in an area that USC neuros said was now causing Gran Mal seizures at age 24...they said this type of lesion is fairly common and rarely do anything, take your anti seizure meds and off I go. getting mri's every year for 5 years until 2000... no changes and back to playing competitive golf. From 2002 to May of 2009,some physical issues progressed and I dismissed them as my nerves while playing golf and having no insurance. An MRI showed the lesion was now the size of two golf balls "slowly"(7yrs) squeezing their way by the right frontal temporal lobe and turning the brain stem enough to be of bigger concern. The neurosurgeon who performed the procedure was Dr. Mark Linskey and he had suggested with hindsight, that, he would have opted to remove the lesion in its tiny form when first found at USC in 1995. UCI is a place of practical methods and incredible people for me. I had a very modest HMO and my out of pocket was extremely affordable. In June 2, 2009, out July 5th. One month in the ARU for rehab. I responded to your comment because my seeing & hearing into the right side has become distracting to say the least. I have had very few minor headaches since the awake craniotomy and I enjoy this a lot because for many years I couldn't even shake my head a tiny bit, even to signal a "no" to someone. If headaches are a problem for this child now, I think relief can be found by clearing the literal senses of an unwelcome guest. I don't recognize those particular procedures but I hope my output/input is of some help. The Chao cancer center UCI campus also found a way to help a friend's son who had multiple lesions on the brain and was lacking insurance. FAW, find a way. Sorry, I dither a lot now and hope sharing becomes caring again and not daring. Take care and be care... I hope everyone connected to this find relief

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Hi Jim,

Thank you for taking time to provide information. I appreciate your courtesy, very nice of you.