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I got an XL compression bra. I am usually a large. I will say i got info on compression bras from breast cancer.org. After surgery there is a brand called DALE the hospital gives. I ended up with fluid behind my right breast that need an aspiration twice. I was told I would need to have drains back in if I do not compress properly. Yikes. I bought extra large sports bras and stuffed the inside right side. That solved my fluid pocket having fluid. I am actually a large and bought those first. Too tight!
Below are bra makers for breast cancer patients. I heard good things about fit, but I went and bought a couple good sports bra myself. I would say a small may be more comfortable. It does not hurt to read up on bras and how to ensure fit.

There are also many other brands that carry bras and active wear for women who’ve had surgery for breast cancer. brands: Athleta, Amoena, AnaOno, Anita, Coobie, and LuisaLuisa.

This information is provided by Breastcancer.org.

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Dear Kat @katgob:

Thank you so much for your valuable information and sharing your personal experience! Your caring kindness is highly appreciated:)

I am so sorry for your suffering through the pain with fluid behind the breast that needs an aspiration twice!:( As I admitted previously, I truly had no clues in regard to how to use those compression bras properly and adequately to gain the benefits of wearing them. Thanks for your clever solution! I especially appreciate you sharing your wisdom and knowledge that was gained from your own suffering experiences!

Wishing you all a safe and smooth journey ahead!