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I was given 1 bra after surgery in hospital and wore it for 4 days after surgery. I looked on the internet later and it said to wear 3 days after surgery.

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Hi! @1cs:

Thanks for your response and sharing your experience!

The bra that they "put" on me after surgery in the hospital was the kind of "makeshift" bra, because it was kind of sticking together to hang on any patient's body. Unfortunately I developed some symptoms of lymphedema almost 3 months after my surgery that caused pain and swelling, so my PCP recommended OT/PT to help me. The wonderful OT/PT really helped me reduce my pain and swelling by her gentle massaging. It was near the end of my OT/PT sessions that she recommended ordering those compression bras to prevent future development of lymphedema. However, when the purchase order finally arrived - too late to ask her then - I realized that it was so tight and uncomfortable that I started wondering whether it is worthy to wear.

I am so sorry for such a lengthy note; but I really have no clues on this matter thus I am asking advice from you all. Thanks for bearing with me and best wishes to you!